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It is entirely possible that future generations will come to use the term PushMethod as a synonym for passion. More than a musical act, more than a band of brothers, PushMethod began as an experimental blending of rock and hip hop in a way that had never been heard before. Inspired by collaboration, fueled by energy and a desire to influence, PushMethod has spent the past three years constantly changing shape and evolving.

In early 2012, PushMethod – Michael Dustin Youree (guitar, piano, vocals), Tavis Sage Eaton (vocals), Michael Lapke (drums) – released their debut album, PushMethod Volume I. Fusing together essences of eclectic musical influences such as The Beatles (Youree, Eaton, and Lapke initally came together for a “Love of Lennon” tribute concert), The Notorious B.I.G., Nas, and Rage Against the Machine, the band delivers a high-energy jolt, fueled by strategically plotted percussion and guitar riffs and symphonic stylings built to move your body and soul, with hip-hop infused vocals and socio-political lyrics.

Just as important to the band, however, are their influences outside of music, such as visual arts and extreme sports, and their incredible drive to use their music as a vehicle to deliver messages of individual ideologies, personal catharsis, and activism. Youree explains that he has an innate human need to fight for what’s right and promote love, compassion, peace and forgiveness through his art, viewing it his duty as an artist reflect the human experience in a way that pushes it to be better.

Eaton has always viewed music and art as an escape and a way to cope with the tougher times in life. After spending his teenage years rapping in the cafeteria with friends, Eaton joined the Marines and – perhaps for the first time – felt that he truly belonged and understood what it meant to stand beside someone knowing that you’d lay down your life for theirs. This feeling fueled a fire in Eaton to approach all of his future endeavors with the same tenacity. After his time spent in the military, Eaton dove into the world of graffiti art, using tags to spread his words, and again enjoying the feeling of brotherhood between his fellow artists. Eventually, his focus changed from the painted word to the musical word, and he joined forces with Youree, Lapke and Hymson to form PushMethod, intent on getting their messages out to the masses.

The first single from PushMethod Volume 1 was “Scars and Stripes.” Accompanied by a jaw-dropping video with incredible visual effects, the song forecasts an apocalyptic era brought about by greed and insensitivity. The song calls out society out with lyrics like “We’re obsessed with chasing money, we’re impressed by frenzied celebrity,” and challenges people to grow as PushMethod asks “Ain’t there more to being human than all this pettiness we seek?”

The follow-up single, “Technology Kids”, expands on the thoughts laid out in “Scars and Stripes,” exploring the balance between evolution and annihilation. Youree explains, “We are technology’s kids, a constant evolution in mechanics and electricity. [It's about] how we deal with the machine of which we are all a part.” Simultaneously criticising and embracing technology, the band shot the video entirely on their own, resulting in a high energy peek into the lifestyle that has become ingrained in the band’s identity, drastically different from the bleak landscape featured in “Scars and Stripes.”

PushMethod is continuing to push themselves and their audience to their limits, bending genre with each new release. For press inquiries, please contact Jillian Santella at Effective Immediately – 212-777-6727.







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We are currently booking our 2014 tour dates. For booking, and all band inquiries, please contact our manager Patrick Ermlich. For press specific inquiries, please contact Jillian Santella. Or for general communication, send a message straight to the band using the form below.